Light Games

The FRAG Art team are extremely talented and produced amazing artwork for a great price. They sent sketches and updates on every stage of production and listened to feedback. I've worked with a lot of artists over the years and this was one of the best experiences I've had, I highly recommend the FRAG team for any art production you need.

Dakota Kaiser

LachedUp Games

I had a really positive experience working with FRAG Games. The English speaking skills of everyone at the studio was excellent, and they were always quick to reply to any queries I had. They have a good working knowledge of Unreal Engine, and I was really happy with the work they produced. I had no problems working with FRAG Games and I highly recommend them for any programming work you need done.

Lachlan Snell

Scooter Moose Games

FRAG continues to provide high-quality design and development work ahead of schedule. They provide creative solutions at no additional charge in order to prioritize the quality of the final product. Proactive and accessible, they're a great team to collaborate with.

Justin Trowbridge

50 Shadows

They found the right technology and made useful suggestions for improvements. They were attentive and accommodating, conscientious of the budget, always patient, and willing to answer questions.

Jean Davis

Honey Bee Labs

Waleed and the team at Frag were a pleasure to work with. The product exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Frag.

Allison Merrick
Managing Principal


FRAG has been great to work with, providing us with the expertise needed to develop on mobile whilst remaining cost-efficient. They are always helping to explore and implement creative solutions and communicate regularly with us.

Adam Dart
Founder & Director of Junkfish Pte. Ltd
100+ Gamers powering a Full Service Game Studio in the heart of Lahore. Established back in 2013 and to this day, our teams all sit under one roof, working as one unit.
80+ Gamers powering a Full Service Game Studio in the heart of Lahore. Established back in 2013 and to this day, our teams all sit under one roof, working as one unit.


A cozy farm simulator with RPG elements and fun combat! Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures is an experience like no other.

Try and save the town of Willowdale and its inhabitants from Penny, the mayors’ daughter and restore the town to its former glory.

This was our first leap into the console world. A challenge we at FRAG were ready to take on. Developing our I.P. for Playstation and the Switch along with the usual steam release brought a handful of its own challenges but our team persevered and came out on top.



An arcade promotional game of the of the kickass Netflix show that launched with their third season.

We created a beat em up featuring 8 of  the beloved characters of the show.


With a strict deadline, our team rose to the challenge and came out champs. Mr. Miyagi approves!


EdCoda’s second Edugame with us. Boddle was made lean, intuitive and with a strong emphasis on personalized learning.

Adaptive algorithms were developed that made sure each student was receiving questions tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.


Custom-made mobile webgl support, to make it more accessible, as well as Intuitive automatic reporting tools were also bundled into Boddle, to allow teachers to easily monitor student performance.

We were given an impossible timeframe to port this Kingdom Builder from Flash to Unity.

Working on an IP you love, like magic potion, makes you indomitable. We did it!

image22-e1617349620117-p545cwe2b4v03yz6tteb1jvws2qlttb10ucsornx9s (1)

With a strict deadline, our team rose to the challenge and came out champs. Mr. Miyagi approves!



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Game Development

Full development, post-launch service, porting and rescue operations on Unity & Unreal.

We’re experts in a lot of genres – including Card Games , MMORPGS, Turn Based Strategy, FPS, JRPGs, Casual Games.

But like all other professionals, we have our know-this-backwards, knock-it-out-of-the-park favorites.

Server Development

We’ve developed multiplayer titles across platforms, and have a tight command over asynchronous, real time and turn based multiplayer.

Our BaaS for Unity & Unreal multiplayer games called FBOMB, offers a huge, customizable range of multiplayer options.

We also integrate with 3rd party tools like Photon and Gamesparks where required.


A whole crew of deft, practiced hands on the creative pipelines who are used to working together. 

Allowing us to flexibly scale production, without compromising efficiency.

They can deliver the full vision for the right client – from concept to final renders, textured models and mobile-optimized marvels.




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