5 Most Memorable Boss Fights (That We Could Come Up With in 5 Minutes!)

So, we’re a game studio. At the office, we’re usually working, playing games or talking games. And when we talk about games we usually don’t stop. So a couple of us thought, “Hey! Why don’t we turn our nerdy ramblings into something productive.” So here we are, and we hope to hear your own opinions below, let’s start a conversation about our favorite boss fights! 

Vaas, your boss fight in far cry 3
Vaas – Far Cry 3


Far Cry 3… SH*T!!

That game is absolutely amazing! Even after all these years I still play that game especially that weed mission with Skrillex bumping in the background! – ‘We mush up the place, turn up the bass and make ’em aaaaall have fun!’ 

DAMN! that whole thing was sexy!!

And then that dude Vaas… That psychopath, sexy beast of a man! Damn that dude made me feel weak and puny! 

The way he talked! His words and his actions! Oh man oh man he’s hands down the most hardcore villian I have EVER come across.

And then comes his definition of Insanity- Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact… same f***ing thing… over and over again expecting… sh*t to change… That. Is. Crazy. 

The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullsh**ting me, so, boom, I shot him. 

The thing is… he was right. And then I started seeing, everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked all these f***ing pricks, everywhere I looked, doing the exact same f***ing thing… over and over and over and over again thinking: 

“This time is gonna be different. No, no, no please… This time is gonna be different.” I’m sorry, I don’t like… 

The way… you are looking at me… Okay, Do you have a f***ing problem in your head, do you think I am bullsh**ting you, do you think I am lying? F*** you! Okay? F*** you!… It’s okay, man. I’m gonna chill, hermano. I’m gonna chill… 

The thing is… Alright, the thing is I killed you once already… and it’s not like I am f***ing crazy. It’s okay… 

It’s like water under the bridge. Did I ever tell you the definition… of insanity?”

Guys!! That thing right there! It just blew my mind!! The voice acting and his character.. UFF!! I might be in love with that dude!

And then I had to kill him… I don’t know how it happened or why he turned against me.. But I had to kill him… I had no choice. He forced my hand! I HAD TO SHOOT HIM!! Again and again and again and AGAIN!

Every time I filled him up with lead he just came back! He never gave up… He kept coming back for more… Smiling and calling my name every time I put him down… Left and Right I saw his face, his voice echoing in the back of my head.. Laughing and Taunting me!!

I thought I killed him but I was wrong… He made me lose my mind.. I… I’m writing this for him.. Why am I writing this for him….?



Did I ever tell you the definition… of insanity?

Zaair, your boss fight in dark souls 3 Fatboy and Slim


If you had a list of the top 100 bosses, we all know 80 of the modern

picks would come from, er, FROM. 

And even in that hallowed, grotesque, awe-inspiring company Fatboy and Slim stand alone. 


Shut up. 

Let’s start with how Anor Londo is the absolute goddamn pinnacle of Dark Souls, 

this beautiful, abandoned city that you’ve LITERALLY RISEN TO after hours of terrifying, murky

deeps and the poison stutterfest of expletive deleted Blighttown. 

The bells are rung. The Troll Fortress conquered. The beautiful vista of Anor Londo is yours to explore. The treasure within, guarded only by a boss. Who? Can’t be any worse than what’s come before, right? 

Dragonslayer Ornstein. AND!!! Executioner Smough! 

Their entrance is sublime. Their names are kickass. Their lore is, well, it’s no Artorias but it’s still very cool. The last of Gwyn’s Knights and a man so brutal he was denied Knighthood. 

Let’s get to the meat of it though: the mechanics of the fight represent the first and arguably only time FROM created a truly incredible Gank Boss fight. 

Their styles compliment one another. Lightning speed and slow, hulking power. The pillars in

the room give you the barest chance of splitting them up. 

And halfway through? BOOM! Since then, second phases have become another FROM staple. For my money, they never managed as well as O&S. 

There are some incredible boss fights out there. Mechanical masterpieces from Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. For the resolution of epic narrative arcs, none probably compare to Metal Gear Solid.  

But for a set-piece Boss Fight that burned itself into a living legend with no build up?

Fatboy and Slim, all the way.

Vergil – DMC 3



Picture this, you’re an 8-year-old about to play Devil May Cry 3. The beginning cutscene shows you just how much of a badass our main character Dante is. He’s cool, stylish and loves to have fun. 

And then you meet his brother, Vergil. The exact opposite of Dante in every single way – even colour scheme. He’s calmer, serious and most importantly, stronger. 

The first fight you ever have with brother dearest shows you that you stand no chance. He beats you to bits and pins you to the ground with your own sword. His lust for power is the only thing that drives him and you’re just not at his level. Yet. 

Vergil as a character is probably one of the best characters in all of gaming because of the narrative importance he serves in DMC3. The only reason I wanted to continue playing the game – and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way – was to beat him. 

So you’d think I’d be talking about the third and final fight with the power-hungry brother but instead to me, the one that has the most weight is the second fight. 

After Vergil proves to you once again that he’s stronger than you by killing Beowulf and taking the Devil Arm for his own you just want to have another go at him. You have your own arsenal of weapons you’ve collected and he has probably the best Devil Arm in the game so you totally want that back. 

You’ve grown stronger since your last encounter with Vergil and now it’s time to prove it. The fight has an absolutely kickass track playing which is probably my favourite song in the entire series. Vergil shows off some new tricks and his shiny new Devil Arm and you get to style on him with some new tricks up your sleeve as well. 

The fight to prove who’s stronger is at a stalemate and it’s only stopped by the real big bad Arkham. The reason why this fight is so important as well is that this is where the brothers realize that they need to work together if they want to have a proper fight to see who’s best.

And who said Devil May Cry was shallow game for eight-year-olds who live off of pizza rolls? The narrative builds up to every fight with Vergil is probably some of the best I’ve seen in any game. 

It was handled with… SSStyle. 

The ANCIENT dragon



Now I know I know everyone thinks the ancient dragon is probably the worst boss in the ENTIRE Souls-bourne series. But put down your pitchforks and just hear me out! 

Now while the boss was an absolute pain to deal with let’s talk facts;

The Ancient Dragon, in all his majesty, stands atop the dragon shrine looking down on all of Drangleic. The path to the Ancient Dragon is guarded by Drakekeepers. These eternal guardians of the Shrine are garbed in onyx armor and wielding the Greatshields of Glory, specifically commissioned for the king’s most loyal knights. With the largest health pool in the entire series AND arena covering AOE attacks AND the ability to one shot players AND no real elemental or physical weaknesses this seems like the unfairest of unfair fights right? BUT you’re fighting an EVERLASTING DRAGON! What else do you expect!

And for that exact reason this boss is optional. I mean think about it, this boss is one of, if not the only boss, that breaks the mould of entering a boss arena and just getting smacked! Instead this boss talks to you telepathically, helping you along the adventure. And only attacks when provoked.

And after multiple deaths to the drakekeepers and giant knights en-route to the fight and the dragon itself (Obviously), when you do eventually beat the boss the reward is the ability to beat another optional boss? What!? And upon death the dragon drops a soul of a GIANT. What?!!

I mean I could go into all the lore implications of how it all ties in and what it means in the mystery of life and death and the “curse of undying” itself that forms the basis of one of the most iconic franchises EVER… but then we’d be here all night.

Let’s just all agree that love or hate Dark Souls 2, NO ONE forgets the Ancient Dragon. It is THE most memorable boss fights in DS2!

The wretched pterodactyl


While the Metroid Prime trilogy had a number of iconic boss fights which could make this list, there was nothing more satisfying to watch than, Meta Ridely being shot at by lasers. Subsequently falling off a cliff near the end of the first installment of the Prime series. 

There was a certain aura surrounding Ridely which made it one of the most iconic enemies of all time. You are introduced to the this deadly monster (which looks like the most terrifying version of a pterodactyl you will ever see) during the opening scenes of the game. 

Captivating scenes of the heavenly daemon are then sprinkled all across the entire game, from the way he mocks you and flies away from the wrecked Frigate Orphan to the glaring shadow he casts on you while you explore Phenrana Drift. You are frequently taunted by the menace at different points throughout the game and you know a fight is coming. But you are also afraid. How strong will it be? After all its flying monster which can shot fireballs. 

Then the fight finally comes. It does not disappoint. Initially, Ridely is airborne flying across throwing fireballs at you. You need patience for this part. A lot of agility. And the ability to reign fire yourself in the small openings of attack you’re left with. 

Eventually you burn its wings. Now the monster gets truly frightening. It’s on the ground. Fast. Ruthless. It wants your head. It has never had its wings burnt. It’s erratic. You need to be faster and more accurate. There is little margin for error. You get a huge adrenaline rush and finally you’re able to take this demon down. 

While the fight mechanics and visual depiction of the battle itself was mind blowing (especially at the time the game was released), what truly gives weight to the battle was Ridley’s intimidating personality. Something which few other boss battles possed. A, evil flying cybernetically enhanced space pirate which looks like a pterodactyl.