What is an FBOMB?

It’s a Backend-As-A-Service(BaaS), similar to Parse and GameSparks. We’ve worked with several such services for client product and though their ease of use for quickly deploying server backends was admirable, eventually when you needed to implement custom server side code, these services always gated development due to their Black-Box nature

FBOMB features

What technology stack is it built in?

FBOMB was initially built to cater for pseudo real-time games, which can scale to 100k+ users with minimum horizontal scaling required.


Our technology stack was built with these considerations.


Technology Stack:


  • Akka (Java8) – An actor system which can parallel process millions of requests at minimal overhead.
  • MongoDB – The NoSQL database of choice which allows highly available data with minimal consistency issues, ideal for modern day games
  • RabbitMQ and AMQP – As a message queue system, we’ve built a message bus which is modular and easily extendible
  • Netty – Client-side applications (games) connect to our games via our RESTful API or persistent socket connections both available through this Web Socket framework

What features does FBOMB currently support?

FBOMB’s functionality set is ever evolving but it currently supports the following commonfunctionality:


  1. Authentication(including oAuth)
  2. Player Timers
  3. Real-time Chat
  4. Teams (Clans, Guilds)
  5. Match-making
  6. Match Server
  7. In-Apps w/Purchase Verification
  8. Leaderboards
  9. Player Gamestate
  10. Game Metadata
  11. Game Admin Panel
  12. Performance Monitoring
  13. PushNotifications

How well does FBOMB scale?

Using stress testing frameworks, we’ve tested systems we’ve built to scale to at least 500+ CCU per Medium AWS instance. This is on par with solutions from top-tier game companies, which have often rebuilt their systems 2-3 times to get to these performance thresholds.

What FBOMB’s pricing model?

The base FBOMB perpetual license is for $1499. The license includes all free features:


  1. Authentication (including oAuth)
  2. Player Gamestate
  3. Game Metadata
  4. Game Admin Panel
  5. Unity HTTP SDK


1-year priority support is bundled in the license. FRAG offers bespoke development services to enhance/ modify services to work as the licensee requires.Work done towards this end will be billable on perman-hour basis.


Advanced Features are billed at an additional $250 / feature:


  1. In-Apps w/ Purchase Verification
  2. Leaderboards
  3. Push Notifications


Pro Features are billed at an additional $750 / feature:


  1. Real-time Chat
  2. Teams (Clans, Guilds)
  3. Match-making
  4. Match Server
  5. Performance Monitoring Module


When purchasing any of these features, the Real-time Web Sockets SDK is available for free.

Is source code available?

The source code is bundled within the cost of bespoke development of greater than $20k. The license terms are:


  • Each license allows perpetual use and modification of code for 1 project / game
  • No resale of the software license is allowed
  • 1 year of priority support is bundled, including free upgrades for this duration


For perpetual priority support, perpetual upgrades and unlimited project usage the license cost is $50k, which includes 2 months of bespoke development.

What deployment options are available?

FBOMB can be deployed on your servers free-of-cost by our team. Occasional issues and trouble-shooting can also be provided on “as available” basis.

We can also host your game backend at a cost of $150 /quarter, which will support up to 1000 CCUs. Or roughly 10k DAUs. We can also your game on a dedicated cluster, pricing and plans for this should be discussed with us on a case by case basis.

What support levels are available?

Basic troubleshooting and guidance is available for free after license purchase. Any successful game requires a dedicated dev ops team. We offer the following options for a support resource:
  • 24/7 Uptime, 30 minute turn-around @ Full-time resource
  • 8 hour turn-around time @ Part-time resource
The cost for these resources is always changing. But in general, par-time resources are $800 / month. Full-time resources are at $2400 / month. Important to note, these support resources are available for minor tweaks to functionality (with or without source code), on an infrequent basis.