FRAG Basic Online Microservices Backend

FBOMB – FRAG Basic Online Microservices Backend

It’s a Backend-As-A-Service (BaaS), similar to PlayFab and GameSparks. We’ve worked with several such services for client product and though their ease of use for quickly deploying server backends was admirable, eventually when you needed to implement custom server side code, these services always gated development due to their Black Box nature.

Technology Stack

FBOMB was initially built to cater for pseudo real-time games, which can scale to 100k+ users with minimum horizontal scaling required. Our technology stack was built with these considerations.

Java 8

An actor system which can parallel proccess millions of requests at minimal overhead


The NoSQL database of choice which allows highly available data with minimal consistency issues, ideal for modern day games


As a message queue system, we've build a message bus which is modular and easily extendible 


Client-side applications (games) connect to our games via our RESTful API or persistent socket connections both available through this WebSockets framework

Performance and Auto-scaling​

Using stress testing frameworks, we’ve tested systems we’ve built to scale up to 200+ CCU per Medium AWS instance. This is on par with solutions from top-tier game companies. In addition, services can be configured to auto-scale on demand maximizing availability.

Feature List and Pricing Tiers​

FBOMB’s feature set is divided into two pools: Base and Pro. All licenses are by default perpetual and per product. 

The base FBOMB perpetual license is for $1499 and includes the following features:

  1. Authentication
  2. Real-time Chat
  3. Inbox
  4. Data Services (Gamestate, Metadata)
  5. Push Notifications
  6. In-Apps w/ Purchase Verification
  7. Leaderboards
  8. Real-time and Restful Endpoints
  9. Game Admin Portal
  10. Quick Deployment


Pro Features are ala carte, at $500 / feature:

  1. Teams Service
  2. Match-Making
  3. Match Server
  4. Developer Ops Portal


In addition to these services, the SDKs for Unity and Unreal are provided for quick integration with popular game engines. These allow communication via HTTP or Sockets. 

FBOMB’s feature list is continuously being updated and existing services are consistently being optimized. 

FBOMB License Terms​

The standard license terms are:

  • Each license allows perpetual use
  • No resale of the software license is allowed
  • Each license allows a single production use. 
  • 3 months of Bronze support is bundled with all license purchases
  • Free updates for 1 year after purchase. 

Source Code License​

There are two source code versions available:

  1. Single Product License @ $20k with Full Feature Set
  2. Unlimited Product License @ $50k with Full Feature Set

The source code version(s) comes with 1 year of Bronze Tier support and 3 years of free upgrades.

Service Customization​

FRAG offers bespoke development services as part of our regular business model. These services are at the heart of FBOMB’s proposition, allowing us to modify the services for your use case enabling huge cost optimizations. Importantly, these services are available without source code licenses.

Work done for service customization is available at discounted rack rates. Currently these are $30 / hour. 

Support Tiers​

Basic troubleshooting and consulting are available for free after license purchase. Any successful game requires a dedicated dev ops team. We offer the following options for a support resource:


Freeper month

No SLA, 24 hour TAT @ Partial Allocation


$2400per month

98% uptime, 30 minute TAT @ Full-time resource

$800per month

90% uptime, 8 hour TAT @ Part-time resource

Though in effect we charge for a single resource, in all cases, there is a larger support team than available to ensure support coverage. This cost structure allows us to maintain a team which will always have time when required.

At all times, support resources are monitoring your game’s performance to ensure that problems are solved before they happen. Support resources are DevOps Engineers.

FBOMB Hosting​

We offer hosting services for FBOMB and are happy to help with your custom deployments.

  • Shared Hosting: $250 / Quarter. Supports 500 CCU (10k DAU)
  • Dedicated Hosting: Get in touch with Sales for a quote. We support all major clouds.

Contact Us​

If you have any questions please drop us a line at fbomb@frag-games.com