This may surprise you, but companies don’t build games.

People build games.

My suggestion? Partner with people who are great at their jobs, and for whom this isn’t just a job.

Sure, we’ve dedicated our working life, day by day for years, to tackling the wonderful and thorny problems of creating games – as engineers, artists, game designers and businessmen.

But first and always, we’re gamers.

Years ago, in the throes of severe growing pains, that gratitude for getting to do what we love for a living is what kept our spirits up. In recent times, with the wind in our sails, that same gratitude keeps us grounded and focused.

We only take on a handful of clients a year. When we work together, you have our attention. Every member of the core team is a phone call away.

We’ve grown a few white hairs since our doors opened in 2013. It took a few setbacks (including the infamous Dartboard Incident). And we’ve earned our scars.

But this is the most fun any of us has ever had in our careers and you better believe it shows in our work!


Looking to build a Million Dollar Game in under $300K?


(Or a $150K game in $50K. You get the idea.)


All without cutting corners.

(“What! Balderdash. How?” See last question of the FAQ for a pictorial demonstration )


We work with the word’s most popular game engine, Unity and also with (for our money) the world’s SEXIEST: Unreal Engine 4


(Don’t ask us about CryEngine. Two developers are still in shock.)


We pack all the moving parts of game development under one roof. 

We with a full blown in-house art studio and a small but absolutely NINJA server team.

What’s the catch?

You need to be involved. 

We’re mercenaries who love our job.

We get excited.

We have lots of suggestions.

We give feedback, sometimes, unasked, on your ideas 


But the best projects always, always involve a client excited for their vision!

Multiplayer Strategy Games and Educational Games.

(Honorable mentions: Hack n’ Slash titles and FPS games!)

Our Strategy Games include Tactical Board Games, competitive Clash of Clans style MMO Strategy Wargames and especially CCGs.

Our educational games range from Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs with Common Core education built right into the combat system, to full business courses delivered as dialogue based games, to VR sales training experiences.

We also do some fine work on , of course, but strategy and educational games remain our core specializations.


We deliver some astounding value but we’re not bottom of the barrel pricing for this region.

If you want a “hypercasual” game with no real mechanics or original art, there are cheaper ways to do it.

We’re always loyal to our clients.

And a part of loyalty is pushing back against ideas that may be disastrous.

We don’t push opinions for the sake of pushing opinions, but we will try and tackle you if we think it’ll help you dodge a bullet.